11 Ott 2017

I’m studying English because I have to improve it for my job. I started studying English better with the help of Wall Street English, so I can understand people every time I go abroad, because going abroad is my biggest dream. And I hope to be remembered for the help I’m giving to people. The […]

06 Giu 2017

Come tutti gli anni, anche quest’anno è arrivato il momento del tanto atteso Summer Beach Party! Non vi siete ancora iscritti? Cosa aspettate?! Accorrete numerosi il 22 giugno allo stabilimento balneare Corallo! A partire dalle 19:30, tutto lo staff WSE sarà pronto ad accogliervi!

05 Giu 2017

I’m Petra. I started learning English during elementary school. Then I moved to another school and I stopped studying, also because in my home country I didn’t have possibilities to watch English movies or to read English books. Then I continued during high school. My first hope about English is to speak it fluently. This […]