It’s Halloween… Get in the mood by reading the spooky stories our students cooked up!

The Zoo

On a full moon night, in a curious city zoo, three dangerous snakes suddenly left their cage and fought against the guardian. He was terrified and could not escape – nobody knows what really happened, not even the ugly spider that saw the accident!

–  Rosaria Pirari

The Mummy

On a dark Friday night, the 13th of November, someone was seen walking slowly near a muddy lake, in the countryside outside of Florence. There was a man coming back from work who said he saw a mummy, but nobody believed his story. However, he was right: the mysterious person walking near the lake was the mummy of Lorenzo dei Medici. Indeed, when he died in 1492, he asked his confessor, Friar Thomas of the Santa Croce monastery, to be mummified. Nobody knew except for this friar.
Just one week earlier, the famous historian professor Tosi opened the tomb of Lorenzo dei Medici, but he had not told anybody that he found the mummy! So Lorenzo dei Medici’s mummy is now walking around Florence.

– Chiara Balbarini

Right Hands

In 2016, three English guys, Karl, Luke and Mark, decided to spend their vacation in a very folkloristic village. What happened would change their lives forever.
The foggy Scottish village was built in the thirteenth century after one of the battles of William Wallace. It was said that a Scottish witch cursed the place because her son died in that fight. As a consequence, the legend said, every year something horrible would happen at midnight on the day of the battle.
In the centre of the village.
It was the eighth of November of 2016, exactly eight centuries after the battle. Karl, Luke and Mark were driving their car in the village, when a black cat appeared in the middle of the road. They stopped the car but the cat disappeared. They got into the car again and drove in the direction of the centre, where there was an old hollow tree. Then Karl – the driver – noticed something very strange: the car did not respond to the moves of Karl’s hands. Karl was shocked and both Mark and Luke started to yell and be quite scared. Their car ride ended against the old tree in the centre of the village. All the guys lost their right hand in the car crash, like the Scots mutilated the prisoners of the English army after the battle.

– Matt

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