I’m studying English because I have to improve it for my job. I started studying English better with the help of Wall Street English, so I can understand people every time I go abroad, because going abroad is my biggest dream. And I hope to be remembered for the help I’m giving to people. The […]

My name is Chiara, I’m from Sicily but I came to Pisa because I have a big dream. My dream is to invent a cure for a particular disease in animals in Australia. To fulfill my dream, I need to study English and veterinary science. When I decided to follow my dreams I tried to […]

I’m Silvia, I was a shy girl in childhood but when I grew up I became a successful, strong and independent woman. One day I hope that the entire world knows my job because it is very important and will help many people. I love my family, especially my daughter! If one day I have […]

I’m Petra. I started learning English during elementary school. Then I moved to another school and I stopped studying, also because in my home country I didn’t have possibilities to watch English movies or to read English books. Then I continued during high school. My first hope about English is to speak it fluently. This […]

My name is Domenico and I moved here from Sicily to go to University because Pisa is famous for having good schools. I’d like to learn English because I’d like to be able to communicate with people and be understood, and, secondly, I think that speaking English is important for travelling and for working abroad. […]

My name is Jessica. I am a student at the University of Pisa, studying midwifery. I really enjoy what I am studying. I’d say that I love it. I like being with people, it really makes me happy! I also study English at the WSE center in Pisa. I hope to improve my English a […]

Silvia is studying English for work. She hopes to use her English knowledge in her job. Silvia is from Garfagnana and is in Pisa for her studies. She really hopes that the English language will improve her chances of getting a job.

My name is Giuseppe. I decided to study English because this is an attractive language and because a part of my family lives in America. I’m from Abruzzo and I came to Pisa to study Electronic Engineering at the University of Pisa. Through English I hope to connect with Obama for a discussion of treaties. […]

Sandro is studying English for business. He is an engineer and he likes pop music. He studies English to understand his work and favourite music. He was born in Switzerland but he is Italian; his family is from Sicily. He speaks Italian, German and English. He’d like to work as an engineer in Europe and […]

I’m Roberta. I’m a space engineer. I study English for university. I come from Abruzzo and now I live in Pisa to study. English is important for me to find a good job, one that I like. My favourite memory is the day of my graduation, for obvious reasons: Because it is the end of […]