“It was great to have the chance to meet real pros and learn about volleyball.”

Alessandro Funicelli


“A very beautiful event with the volleyball players. It was an interesting moment, I enjoyed it!”

Valentina Novaresi


“Very exciting meeting, thank you for the idea.”

Alessandra Ugazio


“It was a beautiful experience!”

Simona Alessi


“The experience was very interesting.”

Edoardo Sarasso


“Excellent experience.”

Michele Cernigliaro


“I was very pleased to meet the volleyball team, it was a nice event. Many congratulations!”

Pasquale Trocchia


“I enjoyed meeting the volleyball team and talking with them.”

Marcello Pittari


“I enjoyed the event and I’m now more interested in this topic thanks to this.”

Chiara Segato


“A very beautiful lesson.”

Laura Baldasarre


“Very good lesson. The players looked so relaxed. They gave us some information about the different roles in volleyball”

Serey Viganò


“I enjoyed it a lot because I really love volleyball. Great organization!”

Stefano Amarilli


“It was a great emotion, fantastic!”

Larissa Coelho Pinto


“Very good experience! Thank you for this opportunity for me and my daughter. Very exciting! Andrew number one!”

Katia Secomandi

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