“Unforgettable experience!”

  • Federica Sbaffi

“Wonderful evening, delicious food.”

  • Giorgia Coccia

“Merry Christmas and happy new year to everybody!! Thank you for the party, this event was really funny! I enjoyed it very much!”

  • Pasquale Trocchia

“I really liked this sweet dinner because I love sweets.”

  • Martina Tron

“Beautiful dinner!”

  • Felice  Giordano

“Dear Wall Street English, the food was very good, people were very nice and funny and the games were very entertaining! Thank you very much!”

  • Michele Cernigliaro

“It’s been a nice evening. It was interesting to know more about american sweets and it was funny. Merry Christmas everyone!”

  • Paola Caruso

“Merry Christmas to our WSE teachers! Thanks a lot for this amazing evening.”

  • Marcello Pittari

“A very funny and sweet night! Funny games and nice company, I enjoyed everything, especially the cakes!

  • Chiara Pascale

” A very sweet evening”

  • Valentina Novaresi

“Sweet and amazing evening! Merry Christmas!”

  • Mariana Romanovska

“Thank you for this nice Christmas event. Merry Christmas!!!”

  • Daniele De Matteis

“Thank you for the lovely evening! We enjoyed the food and the conversation. Moreover, we learned how to cook Christmas food!”

  • Carmelo Cernigliaro

“Very nice and sweet evening! Thank you very much.”

  • Alessandra Ugazio

“Happy Christmas! Nice dinner, nice teachers, nice staff!! Thanks a lot!!”

  • Bianca Galdiero

“Beautiful event, thank you for organizing this kind of evenings, they are always interesting, funny and different one from another! Merry Christmas and happy new year!”

  • Matteo Michael Tomasino

“A very nice evening!!”

  • Laura Baldasarre

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