When you start learning a language, first of all you need to set yourself a goal, for example, “What is my purpose for learning the language?” “The answers can come in all shapes and sizes. Somebody studies a language because they want to get a promotion at work; they may be particularly interested in foreign country’s culture or they might do it for personal reasons. Either way, going abroad to study a language, especially in summer holidays is an incredible combination of entertainment and studying that is worth it!

Visiting another country enriches you with invaluable experience that is impossible to acquire by studying only the theoretical side of the language and not socializing with native speakers. It is a unique opportunity to get closer to or, in other words, immerse into another culture. Being abroad, you should always try to memorize and to learn more for yourself. So that, at the end of your journey you can proudly say that you’ve learnt something new. It could be something as simple as a few new expressions, dialect words or phrases, famous quotes by prominent people from the country that you’ve visited or just daily expressions used by locals.


An unarguable advantage is the pronunciation improvement. Even without realizing it, subconsciously, after your trip abroad the way in which you produce foreign sounds would change… when you immerse yourself amongst mother tongue speakers – the ears will be concentrated at maximum and the signal of different pronunciation will be, firstly, sent to your brains and then to your vocal tract. Learning a foreign language abroad teaches students that the best resource they have is themselves. Like the triumph of learning to ride a bike or navigating a city’s public transit system, for the first time. The surge of self-confidence and efficacy we feel upon succeeding is made all the stronger and more permanent when we initially thought we couldn’t.

Going on holiday to another country, where the language you are learning can be a useful combination of pleasure and fun, is terrific to feel for yourself more than ever as you are now a part of the global community.  Socializing with other nations, making new friend and meeting people from different backgrounds all help with your learning experience. Everybody have their own story, but how fascinating it is only depends on the author.

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