MARTA: If I say “Liverpool”, what comes to your mind?

JAMES: Liverpool is the birthplace of the Beatles and the train.

M: The train?!

J: Yes, we invented the train. …

Then, Central Park in New York was based off the Sefton Park in Liverpool. We were the first city to have a lending library, the first modern library. Liverpool is a UNESCO city with the fifth biggest Cathedral in the world. I think about the “three graces”, the three most beautiful buildings of the city: the Cunard Building, the Liver Building and the Queen Mary (the Port of Liverpool Building). Three graces, two football teams (Liverpool and Everton), one city.

M: What’s your favorite place in Liverpool, yours personal?

J: My personal favorite place, uh, good question… it would be at the Albert Docks, which is an old historical port where all the ships used to come and trade or Sefton Park, that’s called the Stones Park in fact.

M: Wow! Sounds really good. Now tell me something you don’t like about Liverpool.

J: That the rest of England see as “scousers” the people coming from Liverpool.

M: What does “scouser” mean?

J: “Thieves”, dishonest people, although I’m quite proud to say I’m a scouser.

M: What does this “prejudice” come from?

J: It comes from the period of Margaret Thatcher. She refused to give Liverpool any government funding because she thought Liverpool was a horrible city with horrible people. In 1989 there was a football disaster (“Hillsborough disaster, A newspaper, “The Sun”, said the people from Liverpool killed the people involved and stole from their dead bodies. “The sun” is banned from being sold in Liverpool. An official apology from the magazine came last year.

M: Why would you suggest people to visit Liverpool and not another big city in England?

J Because people in Liverpool are the nicest people in England, that’s a fact. They’ll all help you and do anything for you. It’s also a cheap city, fish and chips in London costs 7£, in Liverpool it costs 2£. We’ve got good cuisine, we’ve got great music. It’s a young vibrant city. It has lots of history but also new modern renovation. In 2008 we were the European Capital of Culture. I think Liverpool is really underestimated.


*A ”SCOUSER” is a person from Liverpool and their accent/dialect

*People from Liverpool usually say “YOUS” meaning “voi”, unlike standard English using “you” for both singular and plural.

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