Non pagare per delle lezioni. Investi nel metodo che ti garantisce il risultato!

Ci impegniamo a offrirti un prezzo basato sui tuoi obiettivi e risultati personali, piuttosto che sul numero di lezioni o su un periodo di studio. Ti supportiamo fino al raggiungimento del tuo obiettivo.

Scegli il piano più giusto per te

We offer you a choice from three learning packages with specific pricing. Whichever choice you make, we’ll ensure you progress and learn English as quickly as possible in the best way for your lifestyle and schedule.


Flexible learning from home with the proven Wall Street English method. Digital classroom access for online classes and follow up.

  • Online English course activities
  • Digital classroom classes
  • Online support sessions
  • Extra online practice classes
  • In-center classes
  • In-person events and networking
  • Access to total English environment

Prices from$120/month


Study at home or in our schools and then join in-center classes with extra conversation classes and social activities all supported by face-to-face student follow up.

  • Study your course in our schools
  • In-center classes
  • In-person support sessions
  • Extra in-person practice classes
  • Events and networking
  • Digital classroom classes
  • Access to total English environment

Prices from$180/month

Most flexible

Full access

Complete flexibility to study both online and in our schools with full support from our teachers and coaches. Online and in-person classes and complementary support sessions.

  • Digital classroom classes
  • In-center classes
  • Online support sessions
  • In-person support sessions
  • Extra online practice classes
  • Extra in-person practice sessions
  • Events & networking
  • Access to total English environment

Prices from$150/month

How we calculate your course cost

that a course that delivers results is the best value for both money and time. We personally talk to you before you join us to make sure we create a learning plan that is the best fit for you.


Assess your level

Book an appointment to meet with one of our educational experts and we'll give you a free English assessment to find out your exact English level. 


Set your goals

Our staff will help you to define your goals and objectives with English so that we can develop a personalized course plan that will make sure that you get the English level you need.


Create your plan

Then we'll work out the best price for you based on your starting level and end level. Our proven method guarantees that you'll make progress. All you need to decide is what level you want to reach and where you want to study.

Flexible payment options

The best English course is one that works. A Wall Street English course is a valuable investment.

We can help you to finance your course so you can start straight away and focus on studying. Talk to us about how we can help you.