14 Feb 2018
Wall Street English Pisa

On February 13th, students celebrated Pancake Day at Wall Street! This British holiday, also called Shrove Tuesday, is just before the start of Lent every year. Students enjoyed pancakes cooked by our fabulous Chef Anna. They used savory and sweet toppings for their pancakes, and some people chose to have both at the same time! […]

26 Gen 2018
Chocolate Party @ Wall Street English Pisa

Il 25/01/2018 la scuola Wall Street English Pisa ha organizzato un Chocolate Party per tutti gli studenti, e il suo tema era “Willy Wonka”. Per questa occasione, le insegnanti hanno decorato la scuola con tavolette di cioccolato e caramelle colorate fatte in cartapesta appese al soffitto, poster vintage sulle vetrate e in ogni angolo della […]

14 Dic 2017
Wall Street English Pisa Xman Xmas Party

Il 13 dicembre 2017, abbiamo festeggiato il natale in un modo unico… ci siamo travestiti da X men! Durante la serata abbiamo giocato a fare dei fumetti usando ‘speech bubbles’ scritti dagli studenti e i famosi ‘Kerpow!’, ‘Boom!’ e ‘Bang!’. Ecco qualche foto della bellissima serata che abbiamo passato insieme al ristorante Route 66, vicino […]

31 Ott 2017

It’s Halloween… Get in the mood by reading the spooky stories our students cooked up! The Zoo On a full moon night, in a curious city zoo, three dangerous snakes suddenly left their cage and fought against the guardian. He was terrified and could not escape – nobody knows what really happened, not even the ugly […]

11 Ott 2017

I’m studying English because I have to improve it for my job. I started studying English better with the help of Wall Street English, so I can understand people every time I go abroad, because going abroad is my biggest dream. And I hope to be remembered for the help I’m giving to people. The […]